YukkiMons' Commissions Page

Hello! Welcome to my Commissions page! This is where you get more information for my commissions!Contact me via discord YukkiMons#7393

Terms of Service

Before commissioning me, I have rules to apply:• Please tell me what you want me to draw, I don't want to be just "do anything" or I'll decline, just please think about what you will demand me to illustrate, can be a very simple sketch if you can't describe.• I have the right to decline your commission. I have a do's and dont's listed at the bottom. Please respect my decision.• If it's a ref sheet, send me a image of your oc, send me a transparent png if it has a tattoo that i can't replicate, other artworks of your ocOr if your oc is a 3d model, send me different angles of your oc, make sure its not under a different lighting or send me the color palette of it• You can tell me if you wanna add a mouth or paw reference so i can add it (its free)• Ref sheets can depend on detail and might increase my price higher than showed in the commission sheet if it's very complex.• I will increase the price on reference sheets if i have to design a character. If it's a simple oc, I'll do it for free, otherwise it's 5-20 usd depemds on detail and complexity of that design.• If you commission me a animated emote, give me a sketch or a video/gif example of how you want me to animate.• You have a month before you pay, no more promises. Please just pay me immediately if you can• If you want me to post the commissioned artwork, please pay me first. I don't wanna publicly post a obnoxiously watermarked artwork• If you didn't pay me for a few months, i will blacklist you. No promises, you're just wasting time of you kept promising and didn't fullfil it.• If you commission me but bamboozle me by finding ways to make me send a unwatermarked version. I'll kick ur ass virtually because I check my paypal to see if you paid or not. Your tricks will not work.And if you pull a karen on me, I'll call you out. Don't be an asshole.• If it's NSFW art PLEASE send me evidence that you're above 18. I decline you if you're under 18.
(Unless you're a good friend of mine, I know your age. I'm still declining you if you're also a minor.)
• If you're planning to commission me an NSFW art of someone else, please tell me who it is and I also need their consent with evidence that they do to prevent unsolicited art of the other party. If not, I have right to reject it.

Can drawCan't draw
Furries (Feral or anthro)Gore
Fictional shipartBodily fluid fetishes
PoniesVehicles and buildings
Humans/Humanoids/AnthrosPedo/Necro/Zoophilic art

Commission sheets

Animated emotes
(In order, Simple - Alot )

Some examples aren't emotes. But you'll get the point.

Profile pic icons

Just a simple headshot of your character with a background!Name and patterned bg are optional, no extra fees!Or you can request me to make it a banner instead!Only for $5!

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